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Tianjin University


Academic Staff

YU Guanghui
Professional Title: Professor
Office Location:Rm 313, Building No.16

Guanghui Yu joined Tianjin University (TJU) in September, 2018 and is currently a professor in the Institute of Surface Earth System Science at TJU. He obtained his PhD degree in Environmental Engineering from Tongji University in 2009, and had been working as a visiting scholar in North Carolina State University (Mar., 2015 - Apr., 2016) and Oregon State University, USA (Oct., 2016 - Mar., 2017).Professor Yu’s research mainly focuses on Nanogeochemistry and its environmental effects. Soil Carbon and Iron Cycles, Fungal Biomineralization, and Waste Management, and his specific research interests include: (1) Soil Nanominerals and Carbon Cycles; (2) Waste Management and Ecology Remediation. Professor Yu has published over 70 peer-reviewed English papers in international journals. .He is currently the Associate Editor of Waste Management and the Topic Editor of Frontiers in Environmental Science.

2016.10~2017.03, Oregon State University, Visiting Scholar,.
2016.01~2018.08, Nanjing Agricultural University, Full Professor,.
2015.03~2016.04, North Carolina State University, Visiting Scholar,.
2011.01~2015.12, Nanjing Agricultural University, Associate Professor,.
2009.10~2010.12, Nanjing Agricultural University, Assistant Professor,.
2008.06~2008.10, National Taiwan University, Visiting Student,.
2006.03~2009.07, Tongji University, Ph.D.,.
2003.09~2006.03, Qingdao Tech University, M.S.,.
1999.09~2003.07, Jinan University, B.S.,.

(1) Soil Nanominerals and Carbon Cycles

(2) Waste Management and Ecology Remediation.

Research Projects
2017.01~2020.12, High value utilization technologies and intelligent equipment development for biogas residues, Role: PI, National Key Research and Development Program of China (No. 2017YFD0800803),.
2014.01~2017.12, Mechanism of the enhancement of SRO nanominerals with long-term organic fertilization in Red soil, Role: PI, National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 41371248),.
2011.01~2015.12, Mechanism of soil organic matter sequestration, Role: Co-PI, The National Basic Research Program of China (973 Project) (No. 2011CB100503),.
2011.01~2013.12, Mechanism of speeding-up maturity during composting with an addition of microorganisms as studied by fluorescence labeling-CLSM observation, Role: PI, National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 21007027),.
Selected Publications
Fusheng Sun, Guanghui Yu*, Matthew L. Polizzotto, Wei Ran, Qirong Shen, 2019, Toward understanding the binding of Zn in soils by two-dimensional correlation spectroscopy and synchrotron-radiation-based spectromicroscopies, Geoderma, 337: 238–245,.
Haiyan Du, Guanghui Yu*, Fusheng Sun, Muhammad Usman, Bernard A. Goodman, Wei Ran, Qirong Shen, 2019, Iron minerals inhibit the growth of Pseudomonas brassicacearum J12 via a free-radical mechanism: Implications for soil carbon storage, Biogeosciences, 16(7): 1433–1445,.
Yongli Wen, Wenjuan Liu, Wenbo Deng, Xinhua He, Guanghui Yu*, 2019, Impact of agricultural fertilization practices on organo-mineral associations in four long-term field experiments: implications for soil C sequestration, Science of the Total Environment, 651: 591–600,.
Jian Xiao, Yongli Wen, Sen Dou, Benjamin C. Bostick, Xinhua He, Wei Ran, Guanghui Yu*, Qirong Shen, 2019, A new strategy for assessing the binding microenvironments in intact soil microaggregates, Soil & Tillage Research, 189: 123–130,.
Dongxing Guan, Fusheng Sun, Guanghui Yu*, Matthew L. Polizzotto, Yungen Liu, 2018, Total and available metal concentrations in soils from six long-term fertilization sites across China, Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 25(31): 31666–31678,.
Xiao Jian, Yongli Wen, Guanghui Yu, Sen Dou*, 2018, Strategy for microscale characterization of soil mineral-organic associations by synchrotron-radiation-based FTIR technology, Soil Science Society of America Journal, 82(6): 1583–1591,.
Xiaolei Huang, Haiyan Tang, Wenjing Kang, Guanghui Yu, Wei Ran*, Jianping Hong, Qirong Shen, 2018, Redox interface-associated organo-mineral interactions: A mechanism for C sequestration under a rice-wheat cropping system, Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 120: 12–23,.
Dongxing Guan, Yaqing Li, Nanyang Yu, Guanghui Yu, Si Wei, Hao Zhang, William Davison, Xinyi Cui, Lena Q. Ma, Jun Luo*, 2018, In situ measurement of perfluoroalkyl substances in aquatic systems using diffusive gradients in thin-films technique, Water Research, 144: 162–171,.
Yongli Wen, Jian Xiao, Feifei Liu, Bernard A. Goodman, Wei Li, Zhongjun Jia, Wei Ran, Ruifu Zhang, Qirong Shen, Guanghui Yu*, 2018, Contrasting effects of chemical and organic fertilisation regimes on shifts in the Fe redox bacterial community, Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 117: 56–67,.
Ioannis Anastopoulos*, Alok Mittal*, Muhammad Usman*, Jyoti Mittal*, Guanghui Yu*, Avelino Núnez-Delgado*, Michael Kornaros*, 2018, A review on halloysite-based adsorbents to remove pollutants in water and wastewater, Journal of Molecular Liquids, 269: 855–868,.
Fusheng Sun, Yaqing Li, Xiang Wang, Zhilai Chi, Guanghui Yu*, 2017, Using new hetero-spectral two-dimensional correlation analyses and synchrotron-radiation- based spectromicroscopy to characterize binding of Cu to soil dissolved organic matter, Environmental Pollution, 223: 457–465,.
Guanghui Yu, Jian Xiao, Shuijin Hu, Matthew L. Polizzotto, Fangjie Zhao, Steve P. McGrath, Huan Li, Wei Ran, Qirong Shen*, 2017, Mineral availability as a key regulator of soil carbon storage, Environmental Science & Technology, 51(9): 4960–4969,.
Xinping Yang, Qian Li, Zhu Tang, Wenwen Zhang, Guanghui Yu, Qirong Shen, Fangjie Zhao, 2017, Heavy metal concentrations and arsenic speciation in animal manure composts in China, Waste Management, 64: 333–339,.
Fusheng Sun, Matthew L. Polizzotto, Dongxing Guan, Jun Wu, Qirong Shen, Wei Ran, Boren Wang, Guanghui Yu*, 2017, Exploring the interactions and binding sites between Cd and functional groups in soil DOM using two-dimensional correlation spectroscopy and synchrotron radiation based spectromicroscopies, Journal of Hazardous Materials, 326: 18–25,.
Xiaolei Huang, Chenglong Feng, Guanglei Zhao, Mi Ding, Wenjing Kang, Guanghui Yu, Wei Ran*, Qirong Shen, 2017, Carbon sequestration potential promoted by oxalate extractable iron oxides through organic fertilization, Soil Science Society of America Journal, 81(6): 1359–1370,.
Chichao Huang, Sha Liu, Ruizhi Li, Fusheng Sun, Ying Zhou, Guanghui Yu*, 2016, Spectroscopic evidence of the improvement of reactive iron mineral content in red soil by long-term application of swine manure, PLoS One, 11(1): e0146364,.
Jian Xiao, Xinhua He, Ying Zhou, Lirong Zheng, Jialong Hao, Wei Ran, Qirong Shen, Guanghui Yu*, 2016, New strategies for submicron characterization the carbon binding of reactive minerals in long-term contrasting fertilized soils: implications for soil carbon storage, Biogeosciences, 13(12): 3607–3618,.
Huan Li, Shuijin Hu, Matthew L. Polizzotto, Xiaoli Chang, Qirong Shen, Wei Ran, Guanghui Yu*, 2016, Fungal biomineralization of montmorillonite and goethite to short-range-ordered minerals, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 191:17–31,.
Jian Xiao, Yongli Wen, Huan Li, Qirong Shen, Wei Ran, Xinlan Mei, Xinhua He, Guanghui Yu*, 2015, In situ visualization and characterization of the capacity of highly reactive minerals preserving soil organic matter (SOM) in colloids at submicron scales, Chemosphere, 138: 225–232,.
Bo Yuan, Xinhua Wang*, Chuyang Tang, Xiufen Li, Guanghui Yu, 2015, In situ observation of the growth of biofouling layer in osmotic membrane bioreactors by multiple ?uorescence labeling and confocal laser scanning microscopy, Water Research, 75: 188–200,.
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Yongli Wen, Jian Xiao, Huan Li, Qirong Shen, Wei Ran, Quansuo Zhou, Guanghui Yu*, Xinhua He, 2014, Long-term fertilization practices alter soil aluminum fractions and coordinate state in soil colloids, Soil Science Society of America Journal, 78(6): 2083–2089,.
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