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Academic Staff

LANG Yunchao
Professional Title: Professor
Tel: 022-83614909
Office Location:Rm 609, Building No.16

In recent years, I have been engaged in studying environmental isotope geochemistry, in particular in studying multiple isotopes, such as oxygen, sulfur, Boron and chlorine isotope of water samples for tracing their source and migration processes. The research results have been published in some international journals, such as Applied Geochemistry and Environmental Sciences & Technology. In the last ten years, I went to Toyama University, University of Waterloo, and University of Münster to learn analytical methods for measuring inorganic chlorine and sulfur(oxygen) isotope compositions, and hope to continue my research on these isotopic geochemistry of large river in China.

Academic Honors & Awards
 : Associate Dean: Graduate education; Experimental Platform
Associate Dean
2015.12~Now, Institute of Surface-Earth System Science, Tianjin University, Professor,.
2000.09~2005.12, Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Guiyang, Guizhou, China., Ph.D. in Geochemistry,.
1996.09~2000.07, Heilongjiang University, Harbin, Heilongjiang, China., BS in Chemistry,.

My research mainly focuses on environmental geochemistry of carbon, sulfur and chlorine in watersheds, with a main purpose to understand the linkages between the biogeochemical cycling of the elements and eco-environmental change. My recent research especially involves the variations in isotopic composition of chlorine and sulfur in both inorganic and organic matter and their application to tracing sources of various types of chlorine and sulfur in nature environments, including in water, air, soil and plants.

Selected Publications
Yun-Chao Lang, Si-Liang Li, Cong-Qiang Liu, Hu Ding, Fujun Yue, Xiaodong Li, Zhiqi Zhao & Jian Hu, 2017, The chemical and isotopic characteristics of dissolved sulfate in rivers of Songliao basin, NE China, Goldschmidt2017 Abstract book,.
Y.-C. Lang, C.-Q. Liu, R. Aravena, H. Ding, S.-L. Li, Z.Q. Zhao, B. Chetelat , B.L. Wang and Q.L. Wang, 2016, Discrimination of dissolved sulfate and chloride sources in Yangtze river, China, Goldschmidt2016 Abstract book,.
Y.-C. LANG, L.-Y. TIAN, C.-Q. LIU, H. DING, Q. J.GUO, Z.-Q. ZHAO, T.-Z. LIU, 2014, Behaviour of stable carbon and sulfur isotopes in soils of a karst region. Special Supplement of Geochim. Cosmochim., GCA (Sacramanto), (Abstract),.
Y.-C. LANG, L.-Y. TIAN, C.-Q. LIU, H. DING, Q. J. GUO, Z.-Q. ZHAO AND T.-Z. LIU, 2014, Behaviour of stable carbon and sulfur isotopes in soils of a karst region, Goldschmidt2014 Abstract book,.
HU DING, YUN-CHAO LANG, CONG-QIANG LIU, TAO-ZE LIU, 2013, Chemical characteristics and δ34S-SO42- of acid rain: Anthropogenic sulfate deposition and its impacts on CO2 consumption in the rural karst area of southwest China., Geochemical, 47, 625-638,.
Cong-Qiang Liu, Yun-Chao Lang, Liyan Tian, Hu Ding, Harald Strauss, Zhiqi Zhao, Siliang Li, Xiaodong Li, Jian Hu, 2012, Sulfur fluxes and isotopic compositions of the major rivers in China., AGU Conference: San Fransisco,.
Yun-Chao Lang, Cong-Qiang Liu , Si-Liang Li, Zhi-Qi Zhao, Zhi-Hua Zhou, 2011, Tracing natural and anthropogenic sources of dissolved sulfate in a karst region by using major ion chemistry and stable sulfur isotopes., Applied Geochemistry, 26: S202-S205,.
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Liu, C.Q.; Li, S.L.; Lang, Y.C.; Xiao, H.Y, 2006, Using δ15N- and δ18O- values to identify nitrate sources in karst ground water, Guiyang, southwest China., Environmental Science and Technology, 40: 6928-6933,.
Lang, Y.C.; Liu, C.Q.; Zhao, Z.Q.; Li, S.L.; Han, G.L, 2006, Geochemistry of surface and ground water in Guiyang City, China: Water/rock interaction and pollution in a karst hydrological system., Applied Geochemistry, 21: 887-903,.