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Tianjin University


Academic Staff

LI Xiaodong
Professional Title: Professor
Tel: 022-83614909
Office Location:Rm 614, Building No.16
2016.01~Now, Institute of Surface-Earth System Science, Tianjin University, Professor,.
2003.01~2006.01, in Environmental Geochemistry, Department of Biology and GeoSciences, Graduate School of Science, Osaka City University, Osaka, Japan., Ph.D,.
1995.01~1998.01, in Environmental Engineering,Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, Sichuan University, Sichuan, China, Masters of Science,.
1991.01~1995.01, in Environmental Science,Department of Environmental Science, Northeast Normal University, Jilin, China., Bachelor of Science,.

The researches focus on the transporting and cycling behaviors of inorganic chemical elements and their isotopes, released by the natural and artificial processes, and their impacts on the ecosystem. Based on carbon (δ13C), strontium (87Sr/86Sr), sulfur (δ34SSO4 and δ18OSO4), nitrogen (δ15NNO3 and δ18ONO3) and other stable isotopes, all the studies are to reveal the variation regularities of major inorganic ions (sulfate and nitrate etc.) in groundwater, surface water (river, lake, cascade reservoir), rainwater and aerosol, and quantify the percentage of the impact caused by the natural and artificial processes respectively on the changes of eco-environmental quality. Now,  

1. Biogeochemical cycle of nutrient elements (N, P, Si) within cascade reservoirs.

2. Isotopic tracing study on the sources, transformation, and transport processes of urban aerosol.

Research Projects
2014.01~2017.01, Study on biogeochemical cycle of nutrient elements within cascade reservoirs on the Jialing River, (Grant No.: 41373136),.
2013.01~2017.01, National Key Basic Research Program of China, Organic carbon accumulation and the source/sink of carbon within cascade reservoirs in non-karstic region, (Grant No.: 2013CB956703),.
2012.01~2015.01, Sulfur and nitrogen isotopic compositions of atmospheric particulates in Chengdu during foggy time, (Grant No.: 41173022),.
2012.01~2017.01, “Strategic Priority Research Program (B)” of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Inorganic sulfur and nitrogen isotopic compositions of fine aerosols (PM2.5) during wintertime haze pollution, (Grant No.: XDB05030305),.
2008.01~2010.01, Isotopic tracer study on the source of nitrate in Jialing River, Southwest China, (Grant No.: 40703004),.
Environmental Chemistry
Selected Publications
Dong Zhang, Xiaodong Li, Zhiqi Zhao, Congqiang Liu, 2015, Using dual isotopic data to track the sources and behaviors of dissolved sulfate in the western North China Plain, Applied Geochemistry, 52: 43 – 56,.
Zhou Yang, Xiaodong Li, Jie Deng, Haiyun Wang, 2015, Stable sulfur isotope ratios and water-soluble inorganic compositions of PM10 in Yichang City, central China, Environmental Science and Pollution Research, DOI: 10.1007/s11356-015-4639-8,.
Xiaodong Li, Zhou Yang, Pingqing Fu, Jing Yu, Yunchao Lang, Di Liu, Kaori Ono, Kimitaka Kawamura, 2015, High abundances of dicarboxylic acids, oxocarboxylic acids, and α-dicarbonyls in fine aerosols (PM2.5) in Chengdu, China during wintertime haze pollution. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, DOI: 10.1007/s11356-015-4548-x, 11: 12902 – 12918,.
Zhiqi Zhao, Wei Zhang, Xiaodong Li, Zhou Yang, Houyi Zheng, Hu Ding, Qilian Wang, Jun Xiao, Pingqing Fu, 2015, Atmospheric lead in urban Guiyang Southwest China: Isotopic source signatures, Atmospheric Environment, 115: 163 – 169,.
Xiaodong Li, Congqiang Liu, Xiaolong Liu, Jing Yu, Xueyan Liu, 2014, Sources and processes affecting nitrate in a dam-controlled subtropical river Southwest China, Aquatic Geochemistry, 20: 483 – 500,.
Xueyan Liu, Keisuke Koba, Akiko Makabe, Xiaodong Li, Muneoki Yoh, Congqiang Liu, 2013, Ammonium ?rst: natural mosses prefer atmospheric ammonium but vary utilization of dissolved organic nitrogen depending on habitat and nitrogen deposition, New Phytologist, doi: 10.1111/nph.12284,.
Xueyan Liu, Keisuke Koba, Congqiang Liu, Xiaodong Li, Muneoki Yoh, 2012, Pitfalls and New Mechanisms in Moss Isotope Biomonitoring of Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition, Environmental Science & Technology, 46: 12557 – 12566,.
Xiaodong Li, Congqiang Liu, Xiaolong Liu, Liran Bao, 2011, Identification of dissolved sulfate sources and the role of sulfuric acid in carbonate weathering using dual-isotopic data from the Jialing River Southwest China, Asian Earth Sciences, 42 (3): 370 – 380,.
Xiaodong Li, Congqiang Liu, Harue Masuda, Siliang Li, Xiaolong Liu, 2010, The use of environmental isotopic (C, Sr, S) and hydrochemical tracers to characterize anthropogenic effects on karst groundwater quality: A case study of the Shuicheng Basin Southwest China, Applied Geochemistry, 25: 1924 – 1936,.