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Tianjin University


Academic Staff

Professional Title: Professor
Office Location:Rm 621, Building No.16
2019.01~2019.04, Tianjin University, Professor,.
2015.05~2019.04, Lanzhou University, Professor,.
2009.07~2015.04, Lanzhou University, Assitant Professor,.
2005.09~2009.07, Lanzhou University, Ph.D. in meteorology,.
2003.09~2005.06, Lanzhou University, M.S. in meteorology,.
1999.09~2003.06, Nanjing Institute of Meteorology, B.S. in Environment Sciences,.

Urban air pollution properties

Insoluble light-absorbing impurities in snow and ice

Cloud/aerosol/radiation/climate interactions

Natural and anthropogenic dust events

Selected Publications
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