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Reactive Nitrogen:life cycle and impacts

2019-11-14 191

Time:14:00,27th Nov.(Wednesday),2019

Venue:Lecture Hall 221, ISESS, Tianjin University (Weijin Road Campus)

Speaker:Chunxiang Ye(Peking University)

Abstract:Reactive nitrogen species in the atmosphere refer to nitrogen oxides (NOx=NO+NO2) and their oxidation products (NOz = NOy-NOx). Photochemical cycling of nitrogen oxides perturbs radical chemistry and produces O3 and N-containing aerosol (e.g. Brown Carbon, BrC), of which the health effect and climate effect are big concerns in our society. Due to the trace amount and fast conversion, reactive nitrogen measurements rely on sophisticated analytic instrument. A bunch of important and interesting scientific questions, concerning the distribution, chemistry and impacts, could be tackled given appropriate application of analytic instrument and other research platform. In this seminar, two scientific arguments in reactive nitrogen chemistry will be further developed, taking advantage of the unique and precious dataset we collected during an aircraft measurement campaign 2013 and @Tibet 2019 campaign.