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How to write and organise a scientific paper

2019-10-28 109

Time:         10:00-12:00, 22nd October(Tuesday), 2019

Venue:       Lecture Hall 221, ISESS, Tianjin University (Weijin Road Campus)

Speaker:    Keith Smettem 教授(西澳大利亚大学)

Keith Smettem presently leads the University of Western Australia Institute of Agriculture program ‘Water for Food’ and is a Research Fellow at Murdoch University in Perth.  Prior to this he was the Research Director of the State Centre for Excellence in Ecohydrology and Head of Environmental Engineering at the University of Western Australia. He is also the Founding Editor in Chief of the leading international journal ‘Ecohydrology’.

Abstract:    This talk will provide a general set of guiding points to help you develop a good flow in your scientific paper, identify and remove distracting information and EXCITE your readers!  

After identifying how to ‘create’ the paper I will move on to identify how to get the paper read more widely (after all, you do the work so it gets read by other scientists and even by policy advisors) and how to get it CITED more (that helps improve your H factor and yes, you should still be concerned by that).