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【Focus】Impact of a Changing Environment on Biogeochemical Processes in Earth’s Critical Zone

2019-04-23 82

Time:14:00-15:30, 3th May (Friday) 

Venue:Lecture Hall 221, Institute of Surface-Earth System Science (Building No. 16), Tianjin University

Speaker:Prof. Donald L. Sparks, Department of Plant and Soil Sciences, Delaware Environmental Institute, University of Delaware, USA

Abstract :

Major environmental challenges, due to climate change, are having a profound impact on humankind. Rising seas and temperatures are causing increasing flooding and melting of ice and permafrost soils. The impact of these processes on cycling of metals and nutrients in soils and water is not well understood. For example, how do rising seas, that cause inundation of soils with saline water, followed by retrenchment, and salinization of groundwater, affect cycling of redox active elements such as arsenic (As) and chromium (Cr), as well as nutrients?  Under changing climatic conditions, how will sequestration of C in soils be impacted, and resultant mobility of elements? How will other important biogeochemical processes be impacted? The presentation will explore these questions, and others, over a range of spatial and temporal scales.