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[Focus] Fungi as geoactive agents: environment and biotechnology

2018-11-27 117

Time:        15:00-16:00, 30th November (Friday)

Venue:       Lecture Hall 221, ISESS (Building No. 16), Tianjin University

Speaker: Geoff Gadd(University of Dundee)

Dr. Gadd’s research explores the geoactive properties of microorganisms in the context of understanding the roles of microbes in biosphere-geosphere interactions. The prime focus is on metal-mineral transformations with most research under the heading of geomycology, the roles of fungi as geoactive agents. He is particularly interested in understanding physiological and morphological responses to toxic metals and mineral substrates, mechanisms of mineral dissolution, and the formation of novel mycogenic biominerals, especially carbonates, phosphates, oxides and oxalates. Research of applied significance that builds on the fundamental research includes the application of metal-mineral-microbe transformations for bioremediation of metals, metalloids and radionuclides, nuclear decommissioning, biofertilizers (phosphate release), and the production of mineral-based biomaterials. He is also interested in the biodeterioration of rock and mineral-based structural materials including concrete and cultural artefacts, as well as biocorrosion of metals.

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