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【Focus】Human Impact on the Global Mercury Cycle

2018-01-16 116

Seminar on Human Impact on the Global Mercury Cycle


Prof. Yanxu Zhang from Nanjing University

Date:      22 January, 2018

Time:   11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Venue:    Lecture Hall 221, ISESS (No. 16, Weijin Campus, Tianjin University)

Abstract:  Mercury is a neurotoxic pollutant. Mercury in the environment sources from volcanic eruption, coal combustion, mercury ores smelting, gold/silver mining and other intentional uses of liquid Hg. Mercury transports globally along with air circulation, and enters into soil and ocean via dry and wet deposition. The deposited Hg can reemit into atmosphere, enabling complex terrestrial-atmospheric-oceanic Hg exchange. The treaty <Minimata convention on mercury> signed on 2017 regulates strictly the uses and discharges of mercury by human activities. This talk will discuss the perturbation of human activities to mercury cycle and the trend of atmospheric mercury measured in recent two decades.