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[Friday Seminar Series] Research on LiDAR and Virtual Reality Technology and Tectonic Landforms

2019-11-14 248

Time: 11:50-12:45, 22nd Nov.(Friday), 2019

Venue: Lecture Hall 221, ISESS, Tianjin University (Weijin Road Campus)

Speaker: Prof. LIU Jing 

Abstract:Fine characterization of geomorphic morphology is the basis of structural geomorphology research. Major discoveries in active structures and structural geomorphology are strongly dependent on high-precision and high-resolution topographic data. LIDAR can scan a large range of three-dimensional topography, ground objects and vegetation in a short time.This report will introduce terrain data acquisition technologies such as lidar scanning, principles such as imaging analysis of three-dimensional data using virtual reality, recent developments, and application examples in the study of tectonic geomorphology and active tectonics.