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[Friday Seminar Series] Brainstorming--Reliance on selective characteristic sample to identify biogeochemical consequence/fact and its mechanism in diverse environments

2019-08-31 535

Time:   6th September, 2019

            11:50-12:00, Sign up

            12:00-12:20, Presentation

            12:20-12:45, Free discussion

Venue: Lecture Hall 221, No.16 Building

Speaker: Prof. Khan MG Mostofa 

Diverse environments are generated from the mixing of various matters from individual Earth System components (lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere) at a local scale along with addition of anthropogenic (human/industrial) activities. They are substantially influenced by natural environmental processes (photoinduced, microbial and physical mixing processes) that varied depending on the space and timescale. In such diverse environments to identify biogeochemical consequence/fact and its mechanism, it is important to find out “Selective Characteristic Sample” from each individual source to ascertain specific source matter/elements. Characteristic sources and transformations of fluorescent organic matter, identified by EEM-PARAFAC modeling, could be used to exemplify on individual natural system, environmental key processes and human/industrial activities to outline diverse environments. These results therefore imply that understanding ‘Selective Characteristic Sample’ based on individual all environmental factors at local scale and sampling as accordingly are important to find out any biogeochemical phenomena in diverse environments.