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2019 International Workshop on Surface-Earth System Science held in Tianjin

2019-05-20 221


The 2019 International Workshop on Surface-Earth System Science opened o13 May with the theme of " Response of the Surface-Earth System to a Changing Planet ". Hosted by the Institute of Surface-Earth System Science (ISESS in short) of Tianjin University, this 3-day conference brought nearly 200 participants home and abroad to explore the sustainable development of the earth. 16 academicians/fellows from 7 countries and 20 distinguished scientists from Peking University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Tongji University and Chinese Academy of Sciences etc. were invited to give a talk covering 6 frontier topics in the area of surface-earth system science. Two poster sessions were added to encourage academic exchange with young scholars and students.



We are living in a changing planet, characterized by phenomena such as receding glaciers, biodiversity deterioration, unprecedented population migration, resource depletion and shifting climate. These changes caused by either natural processes or human activities will alter the character and organization of the Earth’s surface ----the outmost layer of our planet. It is thus crucial to better understand the impact of these changes and the relative response of the surface-Earth system. The ISESS inaugurated the workshop series in 2018 with an aim of bringing internationally leading scientists together to share their expertise and make an effort to analyze, monitor and confront the unprecedented and even unpredicted changes that are unfolding on the Earth’s surface.