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ISESS establishes its Academic Advisory Committee

2018-04-08 140


On 29th March, the Institute of Surface-Earth System Science (ISESS) brought in world-renowned geoscientists and established the Academic Advisory Committee (AAC). Following the 1st International Workshop on Surface-Earth System Science, the inaugral session of the Academic Advisory Committee was successfully convened. As the highest academic advisory body, the mission of AAC is to provide advice to the Institute in terms of academic orientation, research focus and initiatives. Additionally, the AAC will advise on major tasks and objectives and lead the development of world-class scientific research.

The first cohort of 28 AAC members includes 10 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, 8 fellows of Geochemical Society or equivalent. Prof. FU Bojie, Chair of AAC, stated that Surface-Earth System Science is an important branch of geoscience. The development of the Institute will focus on the world-class frontier science and national strategic demands, with its outcomes contributing to sustainable development and harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

Currently, the Institute of Surface-Earth System Science has 40 researchers. Its priority research areas cover (1) tectonics-landscape-climate interaction; (2) Coevolution of landscape and ecological systems; (3) Coupled critical zone processes and their relations with water, soil resources and air quality; (4) Biogeochemical cycling and environmental change in the Anthropocene; (5) Surface-Earth system sciences for sustainability. The Institute is committed to promoting basic research and thus serving the peoples’ livelihood.