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The students of ISESS celebrated the Lantern Festival

2018-03-09 206

It was the Lantern Festival on 3rd of March.  The students of ISESS held a fun and exciting dumpling-making and glue-pudding-tasting party to celebrate the Lantern Festival. They spent a happy time together. During the party, they also made some lucky dumplings with peanuts, and who ate them would be blessed with good luck. Maybe the dumplings they made were not good looking and delicious, but this was the best New Year wishes to everyone.



Lantern Festival, originated from the Han Dynasty, which is also called the Shangyuan Festival. It is the first full moon night of the Chinese year. Full moon is a symbol of family reunion. In all ages, family members will reunite and enjoy the Lantern Festival together, tasting glue pudding and other Chinese traditional food.