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Tianjin University

About Us


The Institute of Surface-Earth System Science of Tianjin University (TJU) was established in April 2015,with an aim at movingTianjin University towards a world-leading comprehensive university (or research institute).

By applying various cutting-edge technologies, the Institute aims to develop basic and strategic researches in the area of global and regional ecological/environmental changes, set up a multidisciplinary research program that focuses on the interaction of the Earth’s surface layers with various ecological and environmental impacting factors, and pave the ground for scientific decision-making processes  and sustainable developments. From the right beginning, the Institute is dedicated to cultivating high caliber talents of international excellence in the areas of earth science and relevant disciplines and making itself a world-class research institution in the field of Surface-Earth System Science.


Logo of ISESS

The outer ring of the institute emblem adopts the overall style of the emblem of Tianjin University. The main part of the inner ring is the Chinese character '地', namely Earth, with the color of soil written in seal character. The background design of light blue Earth is to highlight '地'. The rolling blue design beneath stands for rivers, oceans, and mountains, while the designs in light and dark red colors symbol soil and rocks. Mixture of those symbolic designs embodies the interactions among the five spheres of the surface earth system, i.e. atmosphere, hydrosphere, pedosphere, lithosphere, and biosphere. "2015" represents the founding year of the institute.