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International Workshop on Surface-Earth System Science

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Invited Speakers
We are delighted to invite leading scientists to give talks.

Details to be updated.

Prof. Dr. Steven Banwart University of Leeds
Prof. Dr. Junji CAO Institute of Earth Environment, CAS
Prof. Dr. Philippe Van Cappellen University of Waterloo
Prof. Dr. Francois Chabaux University of Strasbourg
Prof. Dr. Fahu CHEN Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, CAS
Prof. Dr. William E. Dietrich University of California, Berkeley
Prof. Dr. Robert Mark Ellam University of Glasgow
Prof. Dr. Jerome Gaillardet Institut De Physique Du Globe De Paris
Prof. Dr. Zhengtang GUO University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Prof. Dr. Xiangdong LI The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Prof. Dr. Timothy A. Quine University of Exeter
Prof. Dr. Harry Vereecken University of Bonn
Prof. Dr. Naohiro Yoshida Tokyo Institute of Technology
Prof. Dr. Linxiu ZHANG UNEP-IEMP