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International Workshop on Surface-Earth System Science

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About the Workshop
  • 2020
  • 2019
  • 2018

Bridging knowledge on the Surface-Earth System with sustainable development

Maintaining sustainable development is a long-standing concern and an increasingly central issue to both natural sciences and societal development owing to human-induced temporal and spatial modifications to the Earth surface system. Such scenario is best exemplified by the current challenge in climate change and the ensuing effect on ecological evolution. Moreover, the environmental impacts of anthropogenic activity are expected to increase in the near future in association with increasing population and resource consumption. As such, concerted efforts must be made to better understand the function of the surface-earth system under such natural and human pressures, as the system directly provides the fuels for all movements and exchanges occurred in/between the different surface compartments and human beings. This workshop will focus on the recent research achievements of studies on how climate and other environmental changes are affecting the vulnerabilities of coupled human–environment systems, and how changes and adjustment should be made for human activities and the adequate use of natural resources to combat the difficulties in maintaining a sustainable development.

Response of the Surface-Earth System to a Changing Planet

The 2019 International Workshop on Surface-Earth System Science opened on 13th May with the theme of "Response of the Surface-Earth System to a Changing Planet". Hosted by the Institute of Surface-Earth System Science (ISESS in short) of Tianjin University, this 3-day conference brought nearly 200 participants home and abroad to explore the sustainable development of the earth. 16 academicians/fellows from 7 countries and 20 distinguished scientists from Peking University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Tongji University and Chinese Academy of Sciences etc. were invited to give a talk covering 6 frontier topics in the area of surface-earth system science. Two poster sessions were added to encourage academic exchange with young scholars and students.

  1. New proxies for studying the Surface-Earth System
  2. Land (sea)-air interactions and atmospheric environmental change
  3. Shaping surface-Earth through reactions at mineral interfaces and grain boundaries
  4. Water and biogeochemical cycling in Anthropocene
  5. Updated new insights for the critical zone
  6. The Surface-Earth system science and sustainable development
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The Surface-Earth System Science and Sustainability

This workshop has a main theme on "the Surface-Earth System Sciencesand Sustainability", and will focus on the following topics from a perceptive of the Surface-Earth System Sciences.

  1. Structure, composition and dynamics of Surface-Earth systems in past, at present and in future
  2. Regional and global biogeochemical cycling of elements related to climate/environmental changes
  3. Impacts of natural and anthropogenic processes on the evolution of the ecosystem service of the Surface-Earth systems
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